Valerie Schweitzer Architects

173 Riverside Dr #6, New York, NY 10024, Stati Uniti

Valerie F. Schweitzer Architects aims to construct inventive spaces that are not only visually interesting, but communicate a central purpose. That purpose could be the light that carried the size of an artist's studio, or the playfulness of a Los Angeles condominium. With his small team, Schweitzer creates bold structures that try to reinforce the human spirit

The main residential buildings of VF Schweitzer are also efforts to improve and integrate the fabric of the surrounding streets. With his additional training as a painter, Schweitzer integrates fabrics, colors and lights into a synchronized assembly, extending the application of architecture. Schweitzer studied architecture at Princeton University for his degree in the art of Architecture and UCLA for his Masters of Architecture, receiving awards in both institutions. His company is based in New York City