Laying of the skim coat
Laying of the skim coat
Mortars and plasters

Ytong blocks need to be worked with mortars and specific plasters of cellular concrete. The laying of the blocks, in fact, as well as the finishing of the walls, play a fundamental role for solidity, aesthetics and protection from atmospheric agents.

Preocol bonding mortar, easy to prepare and use, guarantees assembly quality and solidity. Moreover, thanks to the presence of antisulfates, the Preocol adhesive mortar guarantees excellent resistance to humidity. Multipor light mineral mortar, glue and skim coat, matches perfectly with Multipor hydrated calcium silicate panels, in particular it can be used for gluing panels and for superficial shaving. The mortar is easy to work, has a high adhesiveness, has a low specific weight, is vapor permeable and water repellent after hardening. As for the plaster and skim coat of the cellular concrete blocks, it is important that they be light, with a low modulus of elasticity and hydrophobic. Ytong LR100 lightened plaster for outdoor use, fiber-reinforced and waterproofed, is based on lime-cement and has a low elastic modulus, specific in the case of masonry in cellular concrete blocks for external applications. The Ytong LP120 undercoat for interiors and exteriors is lightened and hydrophobic, specific for cellular and lime-based concrete blocks. Finally, the Ytong RY25 mineral finishing product for interiors has a thickness of just a few millimeters, half compared to normal plasters, with advantages on installation times, on site management costs and on the product.