Block multipor
Block multipor
Multipor mineral insulation panel

The Xella brand includes the Multipor line, consisting of mineral insulating panels, usable both in industrial and residential buildings, in new buildings or in renovations. The panels are applicable in different fields, in the insulation of external walls, in the correction of thermal bridges, combined with the single-layer curtain walls of the Ytong blocks, in the insulation of ceilings, in cold floors of garages or cellars.

Multipor mineral insulating panels are made with the same natural materials as Ytong blocks, but with lower densities, and integrate naturally into Ytong block and slab building systems. The thermal insulation panels of high performance quality, being made of raw materials such as sand, lime, cement and water, are durable and sustainable, they contribute significantly to environmental protection and are an ecological alternative to traditional insulators. The standard insulating panel allows thermal insulation in various applications and, thanks to its solidity and water-resistant capacity, it is ideal for external coats and cladding up to 30 cm thick. It can also be used indoors, to insulate external walls, for garages, basements, and may not be integrated with vapor barriers or finishes. The special insulating panel, free of residual humidity, with good compressive strength and not subject to deformation, is mainly used for flat roofs. It is combined with waterproofing systems and involves the use of vapor barriers. Finally, the company also provides accessory panels, used more in internal insulation applications. The jamb slabs improve the internal insulation of doors and windows, not replacing the existing structure, while the wedge panels avoid the formation of thermal bridges that can develop between the wall and ceilings in the joints between internal and external walls.