Zaa - Zanon architetti associati

Via Sile, 6, 31056 Roncade TV, Italia

Born from the experience of the architect Mariano Zanon and raised with the association of architects Alessio Bolgan and Bruno Ferretti, the zanonarchitettiassociati studio has been involved in the design of the various scales for residential, commercial, managerial and tourist-accommodation for twenty years . The interventions of urban planning, building design and interior design are entirely developed, from the concept, to the executive definition, to the realization phase. For interests and professional orientation, the study activity is characterized by continuous research on the use and interpretation of materials; the combinations and the use of these acquire meanings on the basis of compositional research and technical knowledge. Today, the refinement of these themes is an important work activity, together with the study and analysis of light in its expressive, technological and application forms. Through the composition between matter and light, we try to fulfill primarily the functional needs of the project, thus declining its formal aspects. In recent years, research has also focused on the relationship between design and sustainability, as well as on the integration between design and new technologies aimed at energy saving and the design of "intelligent" buildings