Materials for acoustic insulation
Materials for acoustic insulation

Acoustic insulation

In an increasingly anthropized world and in which more and more people live close to each other, technologies for the acoustic insulation of buildings are destined to play an increasingly important role.

Acoustic insulation in architecture is an important issue, as it provides building owners with the possibility of enjoying a pleasant and quiet internal environment. It can be defined as the ability to reduce sound waves entering the building from external sources. These sound waves can originate from far away, such as traffic or aircraft noise, as well as up close, such as from noisy neighbors or the sound of a television in another property. Having good sound insulation helps improve the quality of life, giving the owner and others the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment and guaranteeing the right amount of privacy.

To achieve good sound insulation, designers need to consider what they are trying to achieve and what factors influence the required sound insulation.

State of the art acoustic insulation materials can practically eliminate external noises and sounds, safeguarding, for example, productivity in the office and rest at home.