Example of design
Example of design


Design is an important concept that affects all aspects of life, from the physical environment around us to the digital interfaces we interact with.

Design is a process of identifying problems, creating solutions, and evaluating them. This process may involve researching user needs and preferences, prototyping the solution, and testing it with potential users. The goal of design is often to create something that is both usable and aesthetically pleasing; it must be intuitive to use and yet fit within a company's brand identity or style guide.

There are different types of designs, all with different purposes. Industrial design is about creating products such as cars or furniture; graphic design includes logos, illustrations and web pages; UX/UI design focuses on how people interact with digital products; interior design deals with spaces such as homes or offices; fashion design create clothes or accessories. Each of these specializations has its own set of techniques and approaches used to create effective designs that meet clients' needs.

Designers must have a deep understanding of not only aesthetics, but also technical principles ranging from typography to physics-based simulation software. They should have knowledge of color theory, layout principles for print, software engineering paradigms for digital designs, manufacturing processes for physical objects, etc. In addition to this knowledge base, to create successful designs they need to have an eye for detail and a big picture of how a product looks and works.

The best designers understand not only their craft, but also the industry they work in: what are the hottest trends right now? What sets their work apart from the competition? How can they make sure their projects are worthwhile in the long run? Taking all these factors into account, you get high-quality designs that add value both today and tomorrow.

Good design isn't just about making something look good – it's about creating experiences that enable people to solve problems quickly and easily, while accomplishing their goals efficiently. It is about being aware not only of current trends, but also of future possibilities, so that innovation can continue to occur in any field where design is involved, be it online services or physical products, and that ultimately result in better experiences for all who use them.

Design of elements of Sicilian culture
Collection of Handicrafted Design. "Design Meets Sicily" reinterpreting Culture and Tradition

Architect Salvatore Spataro designs the "Design Meets Sicily" collection for the living room, reinterpreting elements and characters of traditional Sicilian culture in a modern way, through the collaboration of expert craftsmen.

Paraboloid: comfort and aesthetics for a design-chair
Paraboloid: comfort and aesthetics for a design-chair

The young emerging studio HamanishiDESIGN proceeds from the exploration of the potential of the object, with its characteristic experimental approach and gives life to Paraboloid: a chair that, thanks to a passionate formal and functional research enhances its aesthetic value and comfort

Playground with colourful flooring
Copenhagen playground. Urban space for social integrity

The Danish Big studio designs an urban space to integrate the ethnic groups of a neighborhood, using objects from all over the world as furnishings, symbols that reflect the true nature of the local neighborhood.

Art installations in Montreal. A beacon of light in the darkness of the world affected by COVID-19
Art installations in Montreal. A beacon of light in the darkness of the world affected by COVID-19

The non-profit organization Quartier des Spectacles is proposing a series of public art installations and cultural activities anchored in Place des Festivals, in downtown Montreal, to combat the impacts of covid on the territory and revive the city's economy

GUPPY ceiling lamp. The design is inspired by the scales of the tropical fish bearing the same name
GUPPY ceiling lamp. The design is inspired by the scales of the tropical fish bearing the same name

Designed by daneo design studios, the GUPPY ceiling lamp is an eye-catching avant-garde lighting fixture, its design inspired by the richly decorated scales and fins of the guppy fish and the Cubist movement of the 20th century

Purple custom interior design
Customized interior design. A more unique vision for the next step in the evolution of design

The Masquespacio Studio designs "Mas Creations" a customized high-end interior design for a more selective clientele but also a wide selection of products designed exclusively by their studio

GO wheelchair custom 3D printing
GO a human-centered vehicle. The wheeled seda with customized 3D printed elements

GO is a prototype designed by Studio Layer and includes two customized 3D molded elements, the seat and the foot housing. The shape is guided by the digital data derived from the biometric mapping of each user to adapt with precision

Kips Bay Decorator Show colour scale
Funny, mundane and intellectual. The stairs of Kips Bay in New York City dressed in colour

Designer Sasha Bikoff designs the staircase in the famous Kips Bay Decorator Show House, a house dedicated to children, where every year famous designers transform the interior spaces. Colours, geometries and movement are the hallmark that the designer wanted to give to this project

upholstered seat wall lamp metal fringes
Collection of lamps and chairs. Paddings, fringes and metal combine with bright colors

Masquespacio confirms the collaboration with the Spanish brand Houtique through the creation of a new collection of upholstered seating inspired by the seventies, while introducing new materials such as gold painted metal

colorful modern beach hut
Beach hut in the UK. The classic design is reinvented

JaK Studio completes its latest project, the "Spy Glass" beach hut in Eastbourne, UK. The panoramic window of the hut, rotating at an angle of 180 degrees, is oriented towards the sun, the seascape or the bright lights

Copper motorcycle with aerodynamic aesthetics
Aesthetics and Movement. Drawing speed through the body and aerodynamics

Samothrace is not just a motorcycle but a design object, designed by Mario Trimarchi for De Castelli. In this stylistic work the designer challenges himself by drawing speed through the shapes of the body and giving the object a sense of adrenaline

Multipurpose bicycle
Multipurpose bicycle. A nomadic device to experience the urban landscape

The MAPA studio designs Bike Shelter, an extremely versatile nomadic device that can serve as a picnic table, bench, yoga platform and many other things, allowing you to experience the city in a sustainable way.

photo architecture courtyard Budapest
Budapest seen from the courtyards. Photography to describe architecture with a new perspective

The young Hungarian photographer Tamas Dragon describes his city, Budapest, through the gaze of a childhood memory, sensing the space with his nose up. Fascinated by the courtyards of the old buildings, he proposes a new perspective of architecture

Mountain Workplace progettazione di interni
Mountain Workplace: Functional Design in Hong Kong

The interior design project pays homage to the artistic and post-industrial environment of the famous Wong Chuk Hang district in Hong Kong. The interior design, executed through a cascading seating platform, encapsulates the intention to promote connectivity and interaction between employees and nature.

home printed metal module cad cam
Prefabricated house with printed modules. A flexible and sustainable metal enclosure

Designer Eva Sopeoglou creates a holiday home in Greece using state-of-the-art digital CAD/CAM technology. The perforated sheet metal graphically recreates the leaves of the olive trees in which the house is immersed

Concept Store china furniture display shop
Concept Store for a Tea producer in China. The furnishings simulate natural landscapes

X+Living creates the first Concept Store for the Zhuyeqing Tea brand. Taking the Chinese landscape paintings as a starting point, the furnishings take the shape of stylised mountains and clouds, thanks to the play of reflections created with the covering material

office new york open space columns exposed beams
In Brooklyn an industrial building is converted into an office. Open space and custom-made furniture

The New York-based CIVILIVN Studio has been hired by Newlab to transform 77 Washington, a building of almost 30,000 square metres, into dynamic workspaces, with distinct but always interrelated areas to encourage creative teamwork

urban furniture telephone booth restyling sitting wifi usb orange
Urban furniture in Shanghai. Old telephone booths are converted into "capsules" for stopovers

The Phone Booths, designed by 100architects Studio, is aurabano furniture project promoted by MINI China through its Urban Matters platform, whose aim was to convert old phone booths into resting places.

city porcelain plates and monuments
Porcelain dishes inspired by the cities of the world. The skyline is transformed into Design

Studio Loriel has designed this collection of dishes, inspired by the most important monuments of cities in the world. The project begins with Amsterdam and Rotterdam, but through a crowdfunding campaign the studio wants to expand the collection to all cities in the world

landscapes photography composition
Landscapes composed as sculptural environments. Expression of the algorithm of popular taste

Photographer Anastasia Samoylova uses filterless research to create images of distant and evocative landscapes that she then composes, giving them an almost sculptural appearance. Each print evokes a certain sector of popular taste she interprets.

Virtual installation of floors and walls
Virtual installation in Stockholm. A vision of a project without physical limitations

Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg, creative directors of London-based architecture studio Space Popular, present a vision of the latent potential of space design within and for virtual environments, a studio that interfaces architecture and cognitive science.

Bamboo seat
Texture and matter. Collection of seats made of " bamboo skin ", combining tradition and form

Cement and bamboo are used to create a Ching Chair, a project of furniture objects created by Taiwanese designer Ta-Chih Lin, which revitalizes and gives nobility to everyday materials, emphasizing their technical characteristics through touch and form as well

Hand-painted white ceramic sculptures
White ceramic as a sculpture. Femininity through art and design

The artist Pepa Reverter designs an all-female collection for Bose, which has always produced ceramics using ancient techniques for objects which are entirely handmade, enhanced by chromatic research and decorated with precious metals

graphic signs social distances
Graphics and social distance. Posters as communication tools for a new habit

The CannonDesign Team has been dealing with communication and strategies for companies for years, in light of the new social habits dictated by the events of recent months, reflecting on how road signs could be transformed into totems to dictate new messages.

renewable energy architecture wave motion art gallery
Renewable Energy and Architecture. The wave motion is converted and the building becomes an art gallery

The young designer Margot Krasojević designs a building for the city of Sochi, Russia, which uses the principle of the oscillating water column to exploit the energy of the waves. Inside, the Vine space is used as an art gallery.

Historic residence enlarged
Georgian residence in England. Handicraft furniture customized to give new life to a house with an ancient soul

A Georgian townhouse has been extended by Studio De Rosee Sa, in collaboration with Belgian designer Lionel Jadot: their creativity has given rise to a house with rich and tactile interiors.

Minimal design objects inspired by Chinese pictograms
Objects of Minimal Design. Radical shapes according to Chinese traditions and pictograms

Japanese designer Oki Sato, founder of Nendo, has designed this collection on the occassion Maison&Objet 2018, a series of objects inspired by Chinese tradition and pictograms, conceived to enrich spaces and fill them with an unusual charm

Home Wellness and Design. The bicycle without wheels turns into a furnishing object
Home Wellness and Design. The bicycle without wheels turns into a furnishing object

Fuoripista Bike is a bicycle for Home Wellness where the main canon is aesthetics, as well as physical activity. It is the first product of the new brand launched by Elite, with the advice of Adriano Design. It also offers the opportunity to follow real routes

Oru Kayak origami industrial design technology
Kayak like an origami. The boat folds up into a backpack to explore the world around us

Oru Kayak is a California-based company with headquarters in San Francisco. In an effort to ensure that as many people as possible can explore nature in an easy way, it has created this collection of kayaks that close like an origami and can be transported like a backpack

Design and playground in Madrid. A colourful child-friendly city where you can discover free play

The Aberrant Architecture Studio with Landscape for Play is on its second exhibition space project dedicated to free play. In an old abattoir in Madrid, a playground is created which is based on free time and moves the forms of the surrounding city into an interior space

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