Example of design
Example of design


Design is an important concept that affects all aspects of life, from the physical environment around us to the digital interfaces we interact with.

Design is a process of identifying problems, creating solutions, and evaluating them. This process may involve researching user needs and preferences, prototyping the solution, and testing it with potential users. The goal of design is often to create something that is both usable and aesthetically pleasing; it must be intuitive to use and yet fit within a company's brand identity or style guide.

There are different types of designs, all with different purposes. Industrial design is about creating products such as cars or furniture; graphic design includes logos, illustrations and web pages; UX/UI design focuses on how people interact with digital products; interior design deals with spaces such as homes or offices; fashion design create clothes or accessories. Each of these specializations has its own set of techniques and approaches used to create effective designs that meet clients' needs.

Designers must have a deep understanding of not only aesthetics, but also technical principles ranging from typography to physics-based simulation software. They should have knowledge of color theory, layout principles for print, software engineering paradigms for digital designs, manufacturing processes for physical objects, etc. In addition to this knowledge base, to create successful designs they need to have an eye for detail and a big picture of how a product looks and works.

The best designers understand not only their craft, but also the industry they work in: what are the hottest trends right now? What sets their work apart from the competition? How can they make sure their projects are worthwhile in the long run? Taking all these factors into account, you get high-quality designs that add value both today and tomorrow.

Good design isn't just about making something look good – it's about creating experiences that enable people to solve problems quickly and easily, while accomplishing their goals efficiently. It is about being aware not only of current trends, but also of future possibilities, so that innovation can continue to occur in any field where design is involved, be it online services or physical products, and that ultimately result in better experiences for all who use them.

Oru Kayak origami industrial design technology
Kayak like an origami. The boat folds up into a backpack to explore the world around us

Oru Kayak is a California-based company with headquarters in San Francisco. In an effort to ensure that as many people as possible can explore nature in an easy way, it has created this collection of kayaks that close like an origami and can be transported like a backpack

Design and playground in Madrid. A colourful child-friendly city where you can discover free play

The Aberrant Architecture Studio with Landscape for Play is on its second exhibition space project dedicated to free play. In an old abattoir in Madrid, a playground is created which is based on free time and moves the forms of the surrounding city into an interior space

urban photography Miami interior palm curtain
Photography and Ecosystem in Miami. The transformation of the coast between natural and built landscapes

The photographer Anastasia Samoylova provides evidence of climate change through her work. The project, which began in Miami in 2016, generated a process of analysis through which the artist understood the dissonance between the real estate market and the invasion of the ocean

Hotel China Hall playful design Color
Playful design for a hotel in China. Coloured graphics become the protagonists of the spaces

X + Living designs the Magic Hotel located in Huzhou, China, a place between playful and functional, where spaces are designed mainly through graphics, inspiring children's entertainment and playfulness, but also taking into account the needs of business people

cassina furniture Räaction Poätique Collection Le Corbusier
Organic design for Cassina. A collection inspired by the Le Corbusier architecture

Jaime Hayon presents a new collection of objects for Cassina inspired by the organic forms of Le Corbusier's architecture and esprit nouveau paintings: centrepieces, trays and coffee tables in black stained ash with a low-gloss finish

Skateboard rubber tires recycled
Recycled rubber skateboard. The second life-cycle of tyres through the shredding process

The young designer Paolo Stefano Gentile designs and produces Fragment, a collection of skateboards made of rubber from End-of-Life Tyres (ELT). Through the shredding processes, the rubber of the tyre is transformed into granules capable of maintaining all the technical properties of the tyre.

Zero Scooter
Design and mobility. A vision of contemporary aesthetics for an urban driving style

Scooter Zero was conceived from the idea of creating the first self-balancing scooter project inspired by Corradino D'Ascanio's Design and his passion for aerodynamic designs, in other words a vision of aesthetics that has lasted over time and can design the future

chaotic sitting irregular red
A chaotic and irregular seat. An artistic form that is more like a design object

Lawless Chair wants to celebrate the irregularity of form, unleashing a game of deconstructing form, which in spite of everything does not lose its ergonomic forms but rather highlights the dilemmas of contemporary environments

Industrial workbench
Industrial workbenches in the form of kitchens. A nomadic kitchen with contemporary solutions

Very Simple Kitchen is a project by Designer Riccardo Randi, developed with the help of other young designers Federica Poluzzi and Michele Bernini, who reinterpret the evolution of the modern kitchen and its "new" function

Magnetic frame sketch
A magnetic frame like a miniature room. Light as a furnishing element

The Japanese designer nendo designs a collection of lamps for Flos with the emblematic name "gaku", which means frame, as is its design, simple minimalist, whose complexity lies in the high versatility of the object

Triangular tables collection
Collection of tables. Project that references to triangular curtains

The collection of Japanese coffee tables, a project of extraordinary originality and creativity, whose shape is similar to that of triangular curtains is the work of an established architecture and design studio based in Tokyo and Milan

LED for " intelligent " light. Web app manages connectivity and lighting

LED lamp with a contemporary design developed by Designer Pierre Garner of eliumstudio. The lamp reinvents the broadband Internet connection with a strong security and without harmful electromagnetic waves

robot bar
Bionic Bar in Turin. New Robotic Interactions Design

The MakrShakr bar system was designed by award-winning studio Carlo RattiAssociati, which combines the robotics of the future with the roots of Italian design

Table and chairs furniture
Multifunctional interior. For the young, active and creative family

Israeli designers Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer have created a colourful environment. They demonstrate how a space can be used perfectly for both parents and children, for both work and play

series of flat ceramic objects
Imperfection of the object as art. The ancient Japanese tradition and design merge

Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art that used cast gold, silver or lacquer to repair ceramics. It emphasized imperfection and gave it richness. The Designer Marcantonio proposes the same art and with the same randomness creates unique objects.

retail cardboard furniture project
Retail in Singapore. Cardboard as a structural and illuminating material

An experimental furniture showroom concept using recyclable materials and new technologies presented by the student designer Larry Teo of Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore.

Broken Project graphic and color statue of liberty
Graphics and psychedelic backgrounds. Suspended objects, like paintings in a visionary world

Broken Project is one of the many works proposed by Grafico Umberto Dana that mixes bright colours and pastel shades with monochrome backgrounds. The result are graphic paintings that, thanks to the meticulous interplay of shadows and the use of tones, seem to come to life.

wedding event set design
Set Design in Kuwait. Spectacular weddings evoke Broadway's musicals

The atmosphere and energy of a Broadway spectacle is portrayed in the choreography of a private wedding celebration in Kuwait. Designlab Experience provides its spectacular project for the event by selecting expert specialists

ceramic heart vase
A heart for design. Faithful and ironic representation of human "nature"

Designer Marcantonio designs for Seletti a porcelain object that accurately depicts the human heart, a tribute to lovers and love in general, designed to adorn the houses by becoming a vase

city playground
Playground for a shopping mall in China. Combination of Colours and Compositions

The Chinese Studo XL, Li Xiang, designs the Neobio Family Park on the first floor of a shopping mall, dividing the space into various thematic zones integrated with each other where the interplay is the keyword for everything designed

reinterpreted logo graphics
A game of Logos. A reinterpretation using the designer's ironic vision

Viktor Hertz designs this series of Logos, which are nothing more than a new interpretation of well-known brands that he wants to turn into "honest", by unmasking their actual brand and product intentions with his graphic irony

facade graphics New York
Graphic Design for a building in Brooklyn. Facade like a huge drawing sheet

Camilla Walala reinvents the façade of a historic building in Brooklyn on the occasion of WantedDesign NYC 2018. The graphic project will have a permanent character, in which the design goes from an A4 sheet of paper to a 40-metre strip, reinventing the city's mink.

colored acoustic panels
Geometric shapes and acoustic panels. The walls are lined with colourful compositions

PerezOchando designs the Pause Collection for Missana Design, creating a world of coloured acoustic panels with different geometries. Their composition which is always different creates dynamic and colourful spaces, transforming a technical solution into design.

Welcome to arkitectureonweb! All the colors of Architecture

arkitectureonweb, the most innovative Network on Architecture is renewed. The new versions in English and Spanish between publishing, online training, video and social media. A single community: 6 Portals in a single network

industrial design research laboratory
Research laboratory in Shanghai. Interior design retraces history

Powerlong Ideas Lab, designed by Studio X+Living, wants to be a learning laboratory that combines research and technological development. Starting from the factories of the "Age of Steam", tanks, pipes and pedestrian platforms are included in the project.

flou radical design carpets
Psychedelic experimentation. From Radical Design to new Pop products for the home

The GGSV Studio, Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard collaborate with the historic company, Gufram to bring Pop Design and Radical Design products back into the limelight, reinterpreting them in a modern style and taking them out of the nightclub world.

Greek bicycle
Mathematics and Mobility. Manual skill merges with technology and gives life to new forms

The Pi Bike was designed by Martijn Koomen and Tadas Maksimovas, handmade using carbon fibre material, whose shape reflects the mathematical symbol of Pi Greek (π) and was created to coincide with Pi (Greek) Day and Albert Einstein's birthday.

cats banana lamp
Democratic design and illuminations. Cats and Bananas dominate homes with provocative irony

Ironic and provocative, this is the style that Job Studio wanted to create for Seletti's collections. Felix is a cat with intense eyes that illuminates by creating enchanted atmospheres, while Banaba Lamp, is ironic through the use of more democratic and accessible materials.

versace home milano
Versace House in Milan. A contemporary vision with bright colours for the Home collection

On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2019, Versace Home returns home to the complex of buildings in Via Gesù. And to present the new Versace Home Collection, Donatella Versace invites the Designer Sasha Bikoff to create the installation and the exhibition gallery.

Still Life and cooking
Still Life and cooking. The recipe presents itself but is more of a source of inspiration

Through his work in Still Life as a young Danish photographer, Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj, presents in a minimalist and clean way some recipes where the choice of the colours, the geometrical juxtaposition of the raw materials, make them appear more like paintings.

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