Materials and systems for sound insulation

Acoustic insulation systems include products and technologies designed to improve the acoustic comfort of spaces. Sound-absorbing panels, acoustic panels, acoustic insulators, and specialized coverings are integral to the overview. Research into innovative acoustic insulation materials that reduce echoes and absorb sound contributes to designing quiet and disturbance-free spaces. Targeted sound management design is essential to ensure a pleasant and functional living or working environment. Providing a balance between aesthetics and performance helps create harmonious and comfortable spaces.

Materials and systems for sound insulation
Isolated restaurant with acoustic insulation panels


Panels for sound insulation
Wooden wool panels with their unique surface conformation are in fact natural acoustic absorbers and ensure that the noise does not bounce from one wall to another but is partly absorbed and dispersed thus preventing the annoying phenomenon of reverberation. CHARACTERISTICS In many cases, classrooms, common areas, restaurants, conference rooms and gyms or swimming pools are bare and full of smooth, uncoated surfaces, which tend to have a strong reverberation and amplify any noise. Thanks to an important experimentation and research campaign, CELENIT has implemented the visible cladding systems and provides documentation that indicates the sound absorption levels for visible applications. SOLUTIONS -Sports environments -School environments -Restaurants and bars -Offices and shops -Public spaces -Industries PRODUCTS -Celenit Acoustic -Celenit Acoutic Fire -Celenit Acoustic A2 -Celenit Mineral -Celenit Mineral A2

Sound-Absorbing Panels to Rediscover Space Well-being

In the context of sound management-oriented design, it is crucial to consider solutions such as materials for acoustic insulation and intelligent space modulation. These elements help reduce unwanted reverberations and annoying noises, creating a quieter and more welcoming environment. Attention to acoustic insulation products translates into spaces that not only satisfy aesthetically but also promote the well-being of occupants.