Plasters and finishes for interior and exterior

The plasters product section offers a variety of solutions for coating walls with style and functionality. From traditional paints to technologically advanced mortars and resins, these solutions combine aesthetics and durability to create unique and long-lasting environments.

Plasters and finishes for interior and exterior
Laying of the skim coat

Xella Italia

Mortars and plasters
Ytong blocks need to be worked with mortars and specific plasters of cellular concrete. The laying of the blocks, in fact, as well as the finishing of the walls, play a fundamental role for solidity, aesthetics and protection from atmospheric agents. CHARACTERISTICS Preocol bonding mortar, easy to prepare and use, guarantees assembly quality and solidity. Moreover, thanks to the presence of antisulfates, the Preocol adhesive mortar guarantees excellent resistance to humidity. Multipor light mineral mortar, glue and skim coat, matches perfectly with Multipor hydrated calcium silicate panels, in particular it can be used for gluing panels and for superficial shaving. The mortar is easy to work, has a high adhesiveness, has a low specific weight, is vapor permeable and water repellent after hardening. As for the plaster and skim coat of the cellular concrete blocks, it is important that they be light, with a low modulus of elasticity and hydrophobic. Ytong LR100 lightened plaster for outdoor use, fiber-reinforced and waterproofed, is based on lime-cement and has a low elastic modulus, specific in the case of masonry in cellular concrete blocks for external applications. The Ytong LP120 undercoat for interiors and exteriors is lightened and hydrophobic, specific for cellular and lime-based concrete blocks. Finally, the Ytong RY25 mineral finishing product for interiors has a thickness of just a few millimeters, half compared to normal plasters, with advantages on installation times, on site management costs and on the product.

Cool Roofs

Index Spa

Cool Roofs
In favor of reducing urban heat islands, the Index company contributes to the installation of Cool Roofs on buildings. Currently, 90% of dark-colored roofs, under solar irradiation, reach up to 80 ° C, with negative effects on the environment and on the durability of buildings' waterproofing membranes. FEATURES The company, thanks to the use of specific white paints, reduces the roof temperature up to 40 ° C, at the same time reducing the transmission of summer heat inside the building. The Reflex White finishing membrane, slate membrane for cold roofs, but even more so the White Reflex painting, painting with white pigments, determines a lower heat absorption. The Reflex White Membrane is a treatment that is based on the use of white mineral self-protection, with high saturation and brightness, which allows the creation of roofs with high solar reflectance and very high thermal emissivity. The mantle has both a good diurnal reflection and a high nocturnal emission, bringing both benefits on energy consumption, for air conditioning of the building, and on the problem of urban overheating. White Reflex water-based paint has the same benefits, applied to the waterproof membranes of the roofing, reducing its temperature during the day and speeding up its cooling during the night, reducing the transmission of heat in the living areas below. The paint, thanks to a special white pigment, reduces the temperature more than the self-protected membranes with metal and is even more effective than the Reflex White membrane. The range of White Reflex paints is composed of White Reflex Ultra, white water-based paint with a reflection index greater than 110, and White Reflex SV, a solvent version with the same characteristics as classical painting. Furthermore, the paints considerably prolong the life of waterproofing membranes, reducing the maintenance costs of the roof, and it is possible to paint afterwards on bituminous surfaces even of old mantles, without the use of special membranes. Significant energy savings have been recorded, as well as the improvement of internal summer comfort.

Color samples FerriCOLOR Color System


Paints, hidropanits and varnishes | Ferri COLOR
Ferri has developed a FerriCOLOR Colour System that offers various types of coatings according to the needs (acrylics, siloxanes, lime bases, silicates, elastomers and acrylic-siloxanes) of the end customer. Research and experience have led to the creation of 5 product lines distinguished by the nature of the binder: acrylic, siloxane, elastomeric, silicates and lime. These are highly technological products specifically designed for the preparation of substrates and the execution of finishes. A wide range of products in continuous evolution, of high quality, ready to satisfy every need of painting, maintenance, conservation and restoration both inside and outside. CHARACTERISTICS The product lines are differentiated by their type of binder, there is a caste range of Acrylics and Vinyl, suitable for any type of operation, Siloxanes for covering paints can be easily applied in order to create homogeneous surfaces that will last over time, Elastomeric, Silicates that offer good resistance to atmospheric agents as well as to wear and tear, organic lime, coloured mineral paint for exterior and interior use, applicable on lime and/or cement based plasters and/or skimmers and Wall Cleaners, which have been specifically designed for the cleaning, refurbishment and restoration of walls and claddings.

Paints, Coatings, and Mortars: Adding Personality to Architectural Projects

Exterior facade finishes play a vital role in the appearance and durability of buildings. Paint manufacturers are increasingly aiming to provide designers with external finishes for homes and buildings that combine aesthetics and resistance to weather, ensuring versatile design options. The thoughtful selection of external finishes reflects not only the architectural style but also a consideration for long-term durability.