Heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems

The plant engineering category encompasses cutting-edge solutions, from air conditioning and intelligent lighting systems to automated controls. The adoption of renewable energy sources, smart energy management, and the integration of advanced sensors contribute to creating efficient and eco-friendly environments. In the design of heating and air conditioning systems, radiator design now plays a fundamental role, integrating plant engineering with space aesthetics. With a combination of innovative design and technological functionality, products in the heating and cooling systems category aim to optimize the living and usability experience of spaces, ensuring comfort, safety, and sustainability.

Heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems
Devices for Hoval heat pump system


Heat pump
The company Hoval offers a wide range of heat pumps capable of responding to every need of its customers: energy recovery from air, earth, water, systems with great potential, silent, compact and modern. The different systems offer the possibility of indoor and outdoor installation, application in homes, new buildings or for renovations as well as in commercial buildings. CHARACTERISTICS The first of the products offered by the company is UltraSource ®, in which air, land and water act as energy sources in climate protection. In addition to ensuring a pleasant thermal environment, it is very cost-effective. It is used mainly in single-family homes and produces hot water and is used for cooling in summer. Depending on the specific model, you can opt for an indoor or outdoor installation for the house. The Belaria® air-water heat pump is the solution that can be used for any type of purpose in an economical and environmentally friendly split version, with full efficiency values, both for new buildings and for renovations. Belaria® hybrid SRM is the gas condensing hybrid system, ideal for single and multi-family houses, with a heat pump split version. This system makes the best use of the gas and heat in the environment, ensuring low operating costs, savings in the production of thermal energy, maintenance of existing radiators and a quick replacement of the existing boiler. Belaria® Air-to-water heat pump indoor installation, a system that heats, produces hot air and cools in the summer and can be installed inside homes, especially in single and two-family homes, both for new buildings and for those to be renovated. The Belaria® air-water heat pump for outdoor installation is designed with a heat pump for outdoor installation, both for renovations and for new buildings, guaranteeing great power and a high level of quietness. Finally, the company offers the Thermalia® ground-water heat pump, which provides for the recovery of energy from groundwater and earthquakes, both for new buildings and those to be upgraded. It has a complete range that goes from residential to commercial buildings, covering flow temperatures of 60-62°C, reaching even 70°C. All models in the range have a passive cooling function.

SonnenBattery hybrid for new PV systems in the living room


SonnenBatteries hybrid - For new PV systems
The sonnenBatterie is a storage system proposed by the company Sonnen, of high technological content, tested by countless users in the residential field. Thanks to the combined use of the sonnenBattery storage system and the photovoltaic system, at least 75% of the annual energy requirement is covered. CHARACTERISTICS The sonnenBatterie hybrid is synonymous with economy. Thanks to the inverter for the photovoltaic system already contained in this solution, it will not be necessary to insert a device to convert the current from the photovoltaic into alternating current for your home. In this way, clean energy will be even more economical. The system, very compact and efficient, therefore allows to save on the external inverter and its installation, optimizing the use of self-produced energy to the maximum.

Lounge with SonnenBattery 10 for existing PV systems


SonnenBatteries 10 - For existing PV systems
The sonnenBatterie is a new accumulation system proposed by the company Sonnen, of high technological content, tested by countless users in the residential field. Thanks to the combined use of the sonnenBattery storage system and the photovoltaic system, at least 75% of the annual energy requirement is covered. The sonnenBatterie can also be integrated with existing photovoltaic systems, ensuring very high performance. CHARACTERISTICS The sonnenBatterie 10 is a simple, reliable and versatile energy platform that can be combined with an existing photovoltaic system. It can also be used in new areas, in electric vehicle charging systems and in the "small business" market. Regardless of the power of the system, it guarantees maximum flexibility, with the possibility of inserting up to 9 cascade systems, as well as an even higher inverter power. It has an expandable capacity up to 27.5 kWh, provides energy even in the event of a blackout, guaranteeing independence and safety, and the batteries undoubtedly guarantee a long life.

Controlled mechanical ventilation


Controlled mechanical ventilation | HomeVent®
The company Hoval offers a HomeVent Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system, aimed at recovering heat and humidity for every need. Thanks to these new products, an optimal climate is guaranteed in all environments: the outside air is filtered and then heated and moistened. CHARACTERISTICS Among the various systems of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, the company Hoval offers different options according to your needs. For small homes, the company offers HomeVent® comfort FR (150), small in size, extremely thin but no less efficient. The HomeVent® comfort FR (201), (251) and (301) system is beautiful and compact, capable of filtering and moistening the outside air, generating clean air that guarantees a feeling of well-being as if you were outdoors. Thanks to the air pipes of the HomeVent® FRT (251-451), which can be rotated and positioned at will, the system is extremely compact, small enough to be placed in a cabinet in compliance with EU standards. Finally, Hoval offers HomeVent® comfort FR (500), with unique functional and construction advantages, for villas, large single-family houses, offices and high-class commercial spaces. It is a fully automatic, draught-free system that completely filters out harmful substances present in the air, including odours, and thus recovers the heat and humidity that would be lost if the windows were opened.

Solar energy systems


Solar collectors
The company Hoval provides different types of solar collectors, storage kits and combined solar energy storage tanks to suit the different requirements of the customer with regard to solar energy systems. CHARACTERISTICS Among the solar thermal collectors, the company offers UltraSol, a collector with an intelligent and elegant construction which is easy to install and equipped with anti-reflective solar glass, UltraSol eco is an economical version of the preceding one with solar glass that has a standard surface and Panels for large installations, with surfaces of more than 40 square metres, with a highly selective aluminium absorber. As a storage kit, SolKit aqua is designed to heat drinking water using solar energy and a pellet boiler, a heat pump and a condensing boiler powered by oil or gas. The kit includes a storage tank and a group for supply and return. The connection is compact and fast, suitable for a single-family house, whether it is newly built or renovated. Among the combined solar energy accumulators there is CombiSol, a highly resistant solution for the production of hot water and heating and among the heating systems used for the heating, SolarCompact is proposed, a solar energy solution for the production of hot water in your home, with attention to the environmental impact and the economic aspect.

Heating and Cooling Systems: Choosing Air and Heat Distribution

The design of heating systems involves the planning and installation of systems that manage heating, cooling, and mechanical ventilation (MVHR) of buildings. These systems are designed to ensure thermal comfort, energy efficiency, and compliance with environmental regulations. Crucial aspects include the choice of efficient technologies, optimal heat distribution, and the adoption of sustainable solutions.