House renovation projects and residential building redevelopment

Reinterpret spaces, giving them new life and functionality in environments and historic buildings. Renovation projects for houses and historic building redevelopment are the focus of this section of articles on arkitectureonweb. An overview of beauty and reinterpretation where renovation projects for houses or apartments examine the before and after of the intervention. Insights from the elegance of the past reinterpreted in modernity, solutions that preserve the historical essence with contemporary touches.

All house renovation projects, before and after

The artistic transformation of spaces, balancing style and functionality, creates homes and places steeped in history but designed for the future. Discover the before and after of the renovation of residential houses and buildings on arkitectureonweb and be inspired for your future redevelopment projects.

Extension in cork

Small Victorian townhouse. Expansion from the sloping roof and cork cladding

London-based studio nimtim transforms the desire of its clients to convert into lofts and expand their Victorian townhouse into a project, through a process of collaboration with the clients themselves, a graphic designer and a photographer

Historic villa near Milan

Preserve and enhance the territory. Recovery Plan near Milan

In the heart of the Municipality of Cusago (MI), the Recovery Plan is launched. The objective is the redevelopment of a surface area of 7,260 square meters originally consisting of structures for storage, barns and porches

Renovated building in a residential district

Rehabilitated building. Wood and concrete reconstruction of uninhabitable parts

In Santiago de Compostela, by a residential street, a three-storey house is rehabilitated by Arrokabearquitectos, in which deteriorated parts are rebuilt and additions are made using wood and cement

Restaurant in a historic building

Historical 18th century palace for the restaurant in Bolzano. Mix between modern and tradition

In the heart of Bolzano, in a historic building, stands the restaurant, market and wine bar, renovated by the Roland Baldi architects studio, the first home for the international brand of distribution of wine and Italian food products of high quality

Renaissance building pink background

"Revival" of a Renaissance building. From Thermal Structure to Recreational Space

In Odessa, a modern Ukrainian city steeped in history and culture, the balbek bureau of architecture studio renovates a Renaissance building, preserving the original spirit and making it at the same time attractive to the modern clientele

Recovered house in Tel aviv

From a house to a prestigious villa. Transformation and renovation in Tel Aviv

In Israel, a private house covering 185 square metres, built 10 years ago which is no longer able to adapt to the new needs of the family, has been renovated and has acquired personality and value, becoming a real villa with a prestigious appearance


Ceramic tent for a house. Porous and vibrant facade

The muka arquitectura studio aims to unify the facades around the house and proposes a ceramic facade with a porous and vibrant latticework that filters light into the interior in the Casa Piedrabuena project

House with parquet and white walls

White stone walls and wooden structure. From a former local bakery to a residential building

João's House is a renovation project in the old town of Porto di Guilherme Machado Vaz, which transforms a former bakery into a two-storey house, where the ground floor contains private social spaces and the upper floor

modern minimal interior

White interior in a 19th century cladding. Strategic openings for definited views

A 19th century house, located on the quays of the port of Ghent, Belgium, was renovated by Graux&Baeyens, who stripped the house of all its excesses and inserted white spaces and strategic openings into it

Open space with high ceiling

Historic building from the Victorian Age. Modern renovations to complement the historians

Squire and Partners was commissioned to completely renovate a historic building in London, which has retained many Victorian features over time, from the red brick facade to the steel beams and columns in the interior

restoration of a historic villa

Restoration of villa Benvenuti in the province of Turin. Enhancement between Light and Colour

Intervention carried out by Architect Pietro Carlo Pellegrini at Rivarolo Canavese in the province of Turin. Brightness and transparency of the spaces enhance the purity of the forms as well as the attention to detail and the historical characteristics of the building

restyling of a home

Recovery of a historic building in Portici. The 18th century factory " is reborn "

The building in which the house is located is the focus of preservation and restoration: the "Royal Bourbon site of Portici". Studio Ricciardi Architetti restructures the building by creating a non-invasive mezzanine, made up of openings and introspections

red geometric facade

Red and chaotic facade in Puglia. Architecture between past, present and future

The GG-loop Studio interprets this project as a contrast between external and internal. The first is chaotic, with jagged surfaces that express madness and passion. The interior, with its blue tones, representing solitude and tranquillity

19th century monument restored

From 19th century monuments to the Museum of Crafts. Exhibition halls and Educational Centre

The 19th century monuments are transformed by Atelier KempeThill into a museum of handicrafts, including exhibition rooms, workshops, educational centre and supermarkets specifically for historical building materials

Home on the lake

The Dock redeveloped on Lake Orta. A space for meditation

Rino Cimmino, an architectural and urban planning studio, has renovated a building in a magnificent position, overlooking Lake Orta and with a splendid view of the west bank and the mountains that are reflected in the calm waters of the lake


Apartment renovation projects to give new life to spaces

Renovation reshapes spaces skillfully, harmoniously, reinterpreting habitability and giving new trends to the approach to environments. In the renovation projects for houses selected by arkitectureonweb, discover how spaces take on new forms. Renovation projects for historic buildings, hotels, cinemas, garages: new life for ancient volumes.