Materials for stairs and elevators
Materials for stairs and elevators

Stairs and elevators

Stairs and lifts are tools used in many buildings to enable occupants to reach upper or lower floors. Stairs are a traditional way of getting around multiple levels, while elevators are typically used in large, more modern buildings. Both solutions offer great comfort and practicality, but there is a significant difference between them also from an aesthetic point of view.

Stairs can be found in any building, from two-story houses to multi-level commercial buildings. It is an ancient solution, but very effective and within everyone's reach. They typically consist of spiral or spiral steps that connect different levels vertically. Their shape is often decorative and contributes to the overall design of the building.

Elevators are the modern alternative to the stairs traditionally used in most modern buildings. They are mechanical systems made up of motorized cabins that directly connect the various floors, arriving to have up to 10 floors that can be connected in a few seconds.

Beyond this utilitarian aspect, stairs and lifts contribute to the definition of the interior space and its mood according to the materials in which they are made: from glass and steel for modern buildings to classic wood for a rustic mood.