"How would I feel if the space was breathing with me? How much would lightness weigh in such a space?"

Breathing Softspace is an installation designed to stimulate a sensory experience of space with the aim of investigating our sensual relationship with space, material and architecture

The Swiss-German art collective made up of Marie Schumann, Lisa Marleen Mantel and Matthias Rosenthal creates an interactive installation with light, floating fabrics that intertwine and move with the touch and passage of visitors.
The artists create an unusual way of discovering a space through the discovery of multi-dimensionality, movement and interplay

The interactive installation acknowledges visitors and their movement with the help of an infrared camera in which the fabric reacts and interacts with their behaviour.
The project was strongly supported by the ZSIG. (Zürcherische Seidenindustriegesellschaft)

Marie Schumann works with materiality within the third dimension, space and architecture. She focuses on the production processes to create unexpected experiences, atmospheres and material conditions.
Lisa Marleen Mantel is a Visual & Experience Designer and focuses on creative and digital concepts with interface to scenography and physical installations.
Matthias Rosenthal has been working in the field of digital installations for more than 11 years. He attempts to use sensor technology as well as robotics to incorporate the real world beyond the 2D screen