"Tomorrow, the chimera ship”. Ode to the dream world of storytelling

A hybrid and metamorphic universe, inhabited by divinities, populates the tale staged by Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard, founders of the GGSV studio, the first designers invited to the cycle of exhibitions at the Parisian Galerie des Galeries opened for the 2019 end-of-year festivities

A perfect atmosphere in which to let the magic of the imagination run wild under the guidance of GGSV's contemporary storytelling, as long as you are imaginative enough to find the hidden entrance which befits a marvellous world hidden from the human one

Only one door can get us into this imaginative and allegorical universe: the Wind, a lively and transformative vegetation, mysterious telluric forces and time have generated this oneiric world in which perhaps humans could live. At least in the dream

Storytelling is the theme of this cycle of exhibitions where artists, designers, architects, creators, storytellers will take turns to create new stories that awaken everyone's imagination.

The opportunity to celebrate this "imaginary play of multiple forms, which has evolved over the centuries from cultures and oral tradition" and at the same time "the wonderful pretext for countless interpretations in which the most diverse aesthetics enliven the eyes and minds of the public, adult as well as children"