Cafeteria in Athens
Bakery located in a 1940s building. The Art Deco style interior evokes elegance of that era

Queen Been, a bakery located in the centre of Athens, is part of a modernist Art Deco building that has now been stripped of its original features. In a new space it is intended to revive the original elegance through colours and materials

The interior of the bakery with its textures, natural materials and colours is inspired by the Art Deco era but with contemporary details. The open kitchen, carefully finished with handmade tiles is the fulcrum of the space, and is separated from the dining room by a suspended open brass shelf

cafeteria entrance art deco style

The floor is made of white marble, the windows are made of solid wood and an antique mirror wall creates a luminous space, while the Viennese fabric on the ceiling absorbs the reflected sound. The details are also attractive, such as the gilded brass inlaid logo at the entrance

cafeteria entrance art deco style