Extension of the living area
Former munitions depot becomes a single-family residence. The forms are redesigned

In San Francisco, the American studio Todd Davis Architecture renovates a former munitions depot, transforming it into a single-family home, in which the existing forms are redesigned in order to create comfortable and welcoming spaces.

Formerly a refuge for multi-purpose missions, the former munitions depot was redesigned by Todd Davis Architecture to house a family residence. A new central courtyard is created from a concrete structure, very similar to that of a bunker, which is divided into two parts to form a covered patio

Entrance of the house with wooden details

A large kitchen occupies a central position, around which the entire residence has been renovated. A skylight makes it possible for a large amount of light to enter. The non-treated cedar cladding, which is intended to gradually fade into grey, acts as a binding agent between the various multiple structures

Entrance of the house with wooden details