Mountain hut immersed in the alpine landscape
Eco design of the alpine tradition. Historic wooden construction as a vehicle for continuity

The structure of the house designed by the architectural studio Hammerer blends harmoniously into the alpine landscape of the municipality of Raggal, Austria, renouncing urban elements and additions to the exterior and surrounding area

The alpine meadow on which the house rests connects perfectly with the base. The entrance area and the patio are enclosed in the same contour as the building. The front sides, covered with rough beams and the shingle roof reinforce the rusticity of the building

Wooden interior with views of the Alpine landscape

However, the traditional elements are cleverly contrasted by the horizontal ribbon windows, slits, angular glazing and solar collectors, which add a modern touch. The interiors are made of glued laminated wood and contribute to a high internal living comfort, despite the reference to the alpine tradition

Wooden interior with views of the Alpine landscape