Wooden top with different gradients
One-story addition to a home. Three different slopes aligned with the existing parts

In Vaucresson, France, Rotunno Justman Architectes studio designs a new roof for an existing home equipped with different inclinations capable of lightening the addition and avoiding the massive, monolithic effect that would have "crushed" the existing house

The new roof faces three different slopes that are aligned with the existing parts and an architectural desire that responds both to a programmatic need and with the purpose of avoiding a massive monolithic design that would have squashed the existing house

Wooden top

In this regard, the use of glass in the center of the plan hollows out the volume and makes it possible to lighten the expansion and modifies the exterior façade while redefining it. The space is penetrated by light, giving the interior a certain spatial quality and a greater dialogue between the interior and exterior

Wooden top