Alessio Lo Bello Architetto

Alessio Lo Bello, born in Termini Imerese (PA) in 1980, graduated in Architecture at the IUAV University of Venice in 2008. During his university studies he collaborated with Prof.ri Architetti Roberto Sordina and Serena Maffioletti and with the sculptor Lorenzo Burchiellaro for whom, in 2002, he set up a solo exhibition "Lorenzo Burchiellaro, sculpture between alchemy and metal" in the Tolentini’s lecture hall, historical headquarters of the IUAV

In the same years, thanks to two courses held by architectural photographers Alessandra Chemollo and Fulvio Orsenigo, he developed an interest in photography as an expressive and artistic medium. In 2008, just completed his university studies, he moved to Naples where he worked, for almost three years, as a designer at the architectural studio of prof. Francesco Venezia, one of the masters of Italian architecture. During the Neapolitan years he began an experimentation on photography as abstract art: hermeneutic experiments, invisible realities - visible unreality. In 2011, after a year in London, he opened his own architecture studio in Sicily in Termini Imerese