48-50 Rue Voltaire, 93100 Montreuil, France

archi5 was born in 2003, from the common experience of its founders and their shared conception of architecture.

archi5 builds its approach to the project through the context. The site, the programme, the social and cultu­ral issues are examined, analysed and confronted. These data are transformed into questions. The project responds to them, in a dynamic and exhaustive man­ner, with a rigour that is today the hallmark of archi5. Perceptible in its uses, in its spaces, in the impact on its environment, this approach is visible and legible in each building. It gives it meaning as well as form. It gives us confidence in architecture, in its capacity to improve the human environment. The agency deploys its know-how to inscribe this approach in the material and to gua­rantee its durability.

Behind the images, we propose the reading of an ar­chitecture that is concerned with the issues it raises, benevolent with those it deals with and who frequent it, ambitious in its convictions. The buildings that have been completed since then and the buildings that are currently under construction bear witness to archi5’s know-how and its desire to build projects as they are planned from the sketch. The intention shared by the four partners is to inscribe the fragility of an image in time. Our research focuses on optimising the means of the project to deliver an image that is poetic, without formal exaggeration, just.

archi5 has more than 45 employees working in Mon­treuil, near Paris. It develops its skills by forging strate­gic links with the best technical partners and specialist consultants. Reasoned inventiveness can be found in our projects as well as in the numerous architectural and urban planning competitions.