sgsm studio

Via A. Bono Cairoli 28a 20127 Milano - Italy

Sgsm  is not only an architectural practice. sabrina ('76) and simone (’74) got their architecture degree together at milan's politecnico in 2003. after more than ten years on different professional paths, they decided to re-unite in 2014. the result, which combines the two backgrounds, is more a laboratory of ideas. architecture, design, graphics, art and landscape, as well as food, jewelry design, painting, carpentry and metalwork, are only a few examples of the fields explored so far. the common thread is in the word ‘studio’, a concept that incorporates listening, research, design and application, often shared; a sort of ‘scientific method’ of creativity, where intellect is not meant as an end in itself, but has value as an investigative and learning tool, in which ideas help to shape spaces for human activity (and not only). who knows what the future will bring... the important thing is that at the core, there is always a bit of poetry ... sgsm.