34 Rue Beaubien O, Montréal, QC H2S 1V3, Canada

T B A is a small but growing multidisciplinary studio focusing on architecture and design. The award-winning practice, established by Tom Balaban in 2009, is currently involved in residential, commercial, and small-scale institutional projects that focus on making cultural contributions, while also providing meaningful social and physical experiences.

Committed to the principle that good architecture does not emerge from marking off items on a check list, the studio approaches architecture as a dynamic system of interrelated hard and soft issues. Each project is a direct result of its own specific evolution and process, achieved by the means and methods best suited to the desired outcome.

We are continuously engaged in research and speculative work and actively participate in the academic environment. We seek out every opportunity to challenge standard conditions, expand current conventions, and create better environments. Our work is memorable, engaging, and responsive to contemporary culture.

We are actively seeking to expand and develop larger institutional and cultural projects in Montreal, and abroad.