Superwood a panel self-supporting thermo-acoustic
Wall Line

As for Wall Line products, the Polymax company offers various products that can be used according to the different needs of the customer.

Among the floor line there is the Max Core, a massive and load-sharing slab, a stiffening system for dry floors, the Superwall 10, which is the top of the range for both acoustics and thermal, Superwood, a panel self-supporting thermo-acoustic which guarantees ecology, breathability and acoustics all in one product. Furthermore, among the products, there is also the Thermomax Bit, a thermo-acoustic panel that guarantees an excellent insulation in the plasterboard walls, the Phonoprill, a product composed of a plasterboard plate coupled with a sound-insulating layer, and the Microgips plus, a product that guarantees extreme efficiency in very little space. Then there are the Phonosoft, the Phonoter, the Polywall, which respectively are a thermo-acoustic slab, composed of a cardboard sheet coupled with a sound-insulating damping layer, a panel composed of two sheets of polyester fiber, both soundproofing and soundproofing, and a ecological sound-absorbing panel. Finally we have the Suprema 3.5 multi-layer membrane, supreme in all fields of application, Mantobit, soundproofing panel with double insulation, both water and noise, and the Thermomax Bit 25+5, thermo-acoustic panel with excellent soundproofing performance specific for system cables.