"An industrially prefabricated piece which blends well with the environment and settles gently into the ground"

The enclosure of Casa Mirador is the very nature that surrounds it, on the slope of an Ecuadorian valley, where the architecture does not in any way affect the soil or vegetation

Casa Mirador, a project signed by Rama estudio, is an extension of an existing house that uses prefabricated materials. The structure requires a minimal foundation, which allows almost no disturbance of the soil and very little time for its production and assembly

The three openings in this structure are clad in tempered glass. Floor and ceiling elements frame the view and allow the nature of the environment to surround the space. Existing vegetation generates enough privacy to maintain transparency along the entire perimeter

At the same time, the walls of the existing building's front façade are removed in order to create a space that connects to the new construction. This space is a series of regular modules constructed of plywood panels that run end to end to generate storage space, decorative surfaces, as well as a permeable, semi-transparent screen to the bedrooms

A single piece of furniture is placed in the center of the new space. Towards the living room, this piece of furniture is a metal element that contains a storage compartment and a module in which the stove and television are embedded. Towards the dining room, this element contains the kitchen while the material changes to plywood paneling and stainless steel surfaces