Angelo Maggi

Venezia, Italy

Angelo Maggi is associate professor of Architectural History and History of Architectural photographyat Università IUAV di Venezia. He was trained as architect at IUAV and Edinburgh College of Art, where he obtained his Ph.D. in Architecture and Visual Studies. His teaching in Italy and abroad and its recent work has revolved around the study of architectural photography, analysing themes relative to representation understood as a tool of architectural history investigations. His books include the Italian editions of Robert Byron’s The Appreciation of Architecture (2006) and Helmut Gernshiem’sFocus on Architecture and Sculpture (2011). Along with his sole-authored book Rosslyn Chapel an Icon through the ages (2008), Maggi co-authored (with Michael Gray) Evelyn George Carey. Forth bridge (2009) and co-edited (with Nicola Navone) John Soane and the Wooden Bridges of Switzerland. Architecture and the culture of technology from Palladio to the Grubenmanns (2003). His book Giorgio Casali Photographer / Domus 1951-1983. Architecture, Design and Art in Italy(2013) examines the history of the architectural design culture of Italy through an analysis of its most influential photographer. He is also author of Photo Graphic Pedia (2014) and Re-visioning Venice 1893-2013 Ongania/Romagnosi (2014). Maggi has widely written books for Alinari.His latest book The American Journey (2020) is dedicated to Bruno Morassuti's journey in the 1950s at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin fellowship.