Via S. Giovanni, 38, 28021 Borgomanero NO, Italia

"Design ... voice of the verb Love": this is the philosophy of the Firm. Designing is the rational part, a technique that allows things to work. To love is the feeling, it is the creative thought that gives form to reason and completes it. The "feeling" that the studio has been pursuing for years is realized: in recovering vernacular buildings with a particular respect for their history; in interior design with a particular attention to environments, light and colors; in the design of furnishing accessories with an overall material and chromatic study. Technique and Creativity go hand in hand in every project, leading to the creation of environments and objects whose main characteristic is to simultaneously reflect the personality of the client and the philosophy of the Firm. A design and an architecture that does not follow fashion, but with a wise touch transform an environment into the "home" of those who will live there