Atelier YokYok

2 Passage Gauthier 75019 Paris Francia

YokYok is a design workshop. It is composed of Samson Lacoste and Luc Pinsard architects, Laure Qaremy teacher and Pauline Lazareff architect-engineer. It grows for each specific project. When other knowledges are necessary, the workshop becomes multidisciplinary. YokYok was founded in 2009 by Steven Fuhrman, Samson Lacoste and Luc Pinsard after their degree at the school of architecture Paris-Val-de-Seine.

YokYok tries to adopt different project scales, from urban projects to micro-architecture. Different time scales lead to think of the living dimension of architecture. Ephemeral installations, rehabilitation, transformation, mobile, light or long-term evolutionary projects are many tools that can give life to object-architecture and that are settled throughout our work.