bp Laboratorio di Architettura

Via Amerigo Bagozzi, 16, 25085 Gavardo BS, Italia

Design and innovation, architecture and technology, comfort and functionality, are the fundamental characteristics that outline the bp Lab's professional approach to every job performed. The architectural project in its various scales and the fine art execution of the works are the two moments of the building process on which bp Lab focuses its activity. A traditional approach that necessarily requires multidisciplinary contributions and above all imposes the transversal knowledge of the most advanced trends in architecture and design and, more generally, of Art and the full domination of technical and technological innovations. The design team studies for the customer all the best architectural solutions in the various scales, in residential, commercial, hotel and business environments in its entirety. The projects reflect the constant commitment to creating an atmosphere, adapted according to the ultimate use of space, fruit of the game between three fundamental elements: volumes, materials and lighting, achieving a right harmony between them