Via Davanzati 33 20158 Milano

A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti, opened in Milan in 1999 by Giovanni Rivolta, Nicoletta Savioni and by the former partner Chiara Monti, works in architecture, interior design and planning on various scales in Italy and abroad. It works for public authorities, companies and private parties and over the years has also become established as a consultant in the sector, collaborating with other architectural firms for compound projects.

Its achievements in retail design – mainly in the food and fashion sectors – are significant, developing and applying new concepts that convey the brand values, involve the consumer, interact with the product and communicate the mood of the campaigns. This can be seen in the work done for Altea and Kiton, both for their stands at Pitti Uomo and their Milanese showrooms. Other examples are the recent La Cantina (wine tasting area), Pet Food Store, Cremamore (ice cream shop) and Musi Lunghi (grill) projects on behalf of Iper, La grande i.

Its creations of pop-up architecture in the public space transform the urban scene, modifying places and habits. quantomais, the field of maize installed overnight in the very central Expo Gate Milano square (July 2014) which created, for over a month, a new space for locals and tourists, is just one specimen. Since 2002, the firm has carried out parallel activity in sustainable design and founded A4Adesign , a company which creates and realizes sets and the interior design of areas for exhibitions, commercial purposes and socialization. All in recycled cardboard, thus asserting its cultural and environmental core.