Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcellona, Spagna

Arqbag is a young architecture studio that started its activity in 2013, and was formalized as a non-profit cooperative in 2017. From the beginning we have maintained a close link with the university ETSAV - UPC, establishing our office in the same campus where we studied.

We are an architecture cooperative that promotes new models of relationship between people, habitability and territory. We understand architecture as the transversal management of energy, environmental, economic and social resources. We emphasize and value "the process" and not only "the result".

We apply a scientific method of work in all types of projects we develop. The purpose of this methodology is to detect indicators, collect data, generate data, parametrize and socialize the objectives, in order to propose strategies through an objective, cross-cutting and collective vision.

We understand sustainability from an affordable and accessible condition. We are committed to the approach, participation, knowledge sharing, and the empowerment of users, building tools for decision-making and collective learning.