Domenico Urraro is a young Italian Designer who first faced very technical training as a contractor,
later combining it with Interior and Product Design. In the essence of his designs, his cultural
background is very evident. “I am a boy of humble origins with the good fortune of being born in
Campania, a land rich in history, more precisely in Pompeii, a place to which I feel somehow connected.
When I have the opportunity, I go to visit the exhibits to look for inspiration since I recognize in those places a stylistic perfection of shapes and colors ". Therefore, a study of classical academic architecture if not a real love for the stories told in those frescoes are the characteristics that we then find in Domenico's projects. His approach to the project reflects this multifaceted training, thus being able to start from the technical drawing up to the detail of the product. Constantly searching for
rational spaces, his works follow the common thread of contemporaneity. Inspired by international
trends, he develops unique projects that are never the same with a strong personality and tailormade
for the client