Bergpoortstraat 59 7411 CL Deventer, The Netherlands

I’M Architecten - soldiers against soulless architecture

About development, collaboration, freedom, fun and the future.

With the same sense of freedom that we have with regard to our accommodation in warehouse at Hove, we work together on assignments. Our open working method reflects this freedom; mutual trust, discussion, helping and stimulating each other. In the projects shown below, our expertise in a number of areas has been developed widely:
public service concepts for municipalities and semi-government
interior architecture and flexible workplace concepts
urban renewal issues including "living above shops"
combination buildings of various program components.

In the design process, this means for us the interplay between spontaneous and analytical thinking, about the volcano of ideas that erupt, the many calculations and the speed of switching. Time and time again, the pleasure in the work is central and therefore the optimism that we would like to express. We stand for cooperation, personal development and involvement with each other and with our clients, municipalities and builders. Projects are becoming more complex and time consuming. They are asking for a broader approach. By definition, demolition and new construction is no longer the only solution.