Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architecte

Pierre-Louis Gerlier Architecte

48 Allées Léon Gambetta 92 110, Clichy-La-Garenne

Convinced of the interdisciplinary responsibility of the architect, he has always sought to diversify his education which is artistic (Atelier de Sèvres, Paris), technical (Special School of Architecture, Paris), economic and social (Columbia University, New York)

With the same logic, he wanted to bring his experience abroad choosing places that fascinate him for their strong identity. Among other things, he has worked in Beirut, Barcelona, and Hong Kong. He developed a self-construction project in a village in Senegal after studying local construction techniques and the various actors involved. More recently, he studied within an international team, the slum of Dharavi in Mumbai. Subsequent visits and meetings convinced the team that instead of proposing a new master plan for Dharavi, they should enhance the specificity of this city within a city. They chose to promote the local economy among the different communities through better water and waste management.

Architecture is a way to participate as a citizen in an era as complex as it is fascinating, which is why he includes personalities from other sectors (CNRS researchers, craftsmen, politicians...) in all his projects.

His main areas of research are self-construction, biodegradable architecture, and the expression of geopolitics in urban forms.