Studio Svetti Architecture

Studio Svetti Architecture

Via Lauretana 73 - 52044 Camucia, Arezzo, Italy 71-75 Shelton St. - Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ, UK

The Studio Svetti Architecture was founded in 2004 by Emanuele Svetti, who graduated in Florence with a specialization in Industrial Design.

The studio's philosophy is based on technical and design research and in-depth analysis.

Its style goes beyond theory and drawing, focusing on the rediscovery of craftsmanship and the exploration of new materials to be applied to industrial production, or traditional materials to be reinterpreted in a modern key in what he likes to call “New Tuscan Style”.

He began his career in the interior design world, collaborating with numerous companies in the furniture and contract sector, where he oversaw product design and market strategy. These were crucial years for his professional development, during which he stood out for his eclecticism and his approach to design ranging from large-scale projects to object design.

His experience in hotel interior design in particular, reflects his personal idea of simplifying the creation of a hospitality structure, considering it as a consumer product, a space to be enjoyed, with its own identity to be remembered.

In his non-traditional approach, he blends modern trends with typical fashion and design styles, characterized by material and color. His interiors are easily recognizable for the simplicity and rigor of the structures that place humans at the center of everything.

“Every project is a journey, just as every journey is a project”

This statement reflects the emotional melting pot that arises from encountering new cultures and influences the conception of a new work, as well as everything happening in the world: a project is a skillful blend of sensations, elements, form and material, colors, and emotional intelligence.
His professional activities also extend to other sectors, from designing hospitality spaces, corporate offices, and commercial spaces, primarily focused on interior design, to residential architecture, where his attention to detail and the search for material and formal sophistication are evident. Since 2009, Studio Svetti has completed numerous projects abroad, from California to North Africa, from Russia to China. In 2016, they also opened an office in London.


Arezzo Modern Osteria. Once upon a time there was the osteria... and still is

Modern Osteria. Once upon a time there was the osteria, and it still exists.

The new restaurant project designed by architect Emanuele Svetti of Studio Svetti Architecture in Arezzo is called Osteria Moderna and conceptually aims to be a modern tavern for travelers. Key elements of the project are color and material.

Pizza Legend: A neapolitan pizzeria Envisioned on Mars

Pizza Legend: A neapolitan pizzeria Envisioned on Mars

As we all know, pizza is no longer just a dish; it is a phenomenon, a universal one that involves everyone. It has become a global dish, a legend. And so, Pizza Legend becomes the slogan of the San Lazzaro pizzeria in Cortona, Tuscany. The establishment is cozy, compact, and unique, far from the stereotypical pizzeria. It is imbued with a strong, playful, and elegant style

Un Diavolo per Capello Hair Salon. Design emblem of the space-matter interaction

Un Diavolo per Capello Hair Salon. Design emblem of the space-matter interaction

Svetti Architecture studio overturns the traditional concept of the beauty salon: Un Diavolo per Capello Hair Salon is an unexpected and unconventional place, a mash-up between an art gallery and a modern metropolitan fashion store

Càos. The celebration of the product hosted in an exclusive space

Càos. The celebration of the product hosted in an exclusive space

Svetti Architecture Studio has supervised the design and implementation of the store Càos, an exclusive space characterized by the simplicity of lines and shapes and that includes corners dedicated to prestigious brands such as high fashion

villa infinity pool glass panorama

Luxurious Residence in the hills of Los Angeles. Glass walls and an overflowing pool

In the exclusive neighbourhood of West Hollywood, the Svetti Architecture Studio creates the interior of the luxurious villa overlooking Down Town in collaboration with Mary Ta and Lars Hypko, the histrionic owners of Mass Beverly and Minotti LA, where light and lightness are the key words

wooden ceiling dining room

Single-family house in Tuscany. From a rural Building to a Cosmopolitan Design

Svetti Studio revisits the style of a single-family house on the hills of Arezzo. Starting from an old rural house, interpreting the artistic soul of the owner, the project focuses on a more cosmopolitan and metropolitan soul