WOWOWA Architects

WOWOWA Architects

2 / 4 Brown St Collingwood, Victoria, Australia 3066

"At WOWOWA, we seek JOY and HOPE in every project – and we deliver architecture – seriously playful architecture.

Our practice is committed to creating colourful, contemporary, ideas-driven spaces that reset the boundaries of environmental innovation and have a sense of humour – livability & lovability.

With offices in Melbourne and Perth, our reach is both residential and public in scale, encompassing homes, schools, and community places and spaces.

Our work is a testament to the MOMENT and to MEMORY, it looks to the past to keep things fresh – a mixture of highbrow architectural references and the nostalgia of home-grown narrative, and it explores and references the NOW – through the life of the client – their fancies and foibles, their hopes and happiness – what is quintessential to them.

AND when we speak of MEMORY or even SUSTAINABILITY, when we mean more than adaptive reuse of architectural device or materiality or even a homage to style – it is a reimagining and playful restructure of the known elements – we like to call it story-in-place™.

In this sense we are OPEN and FREE in our design agenda – in our capacity to imagine or vision a new perspective – to craft spaces and places within a home or public space which deliver a sense of safety, comfort and which invite a more light-hearted, creative, curious spirit to be found in them."