Johan van Hasseltkade 280 , 1032 LP Amsterdam

Tom Frantzen started as an independent architect after winning the Charlotte Köhler Award in 1996 for a series of projects at the intersection of visual art and architecture. Since then the office has won several competitions and completed a series of high quality buildings. The last project "De Keyzer", 68 apartments for seniors in a nineteenth-century urban renewal area, received the Zuiderkerk 2012 award for being the best housing project in Amsterdam. Recently he has taken on a more entrepreneurial role by developing architectural projects from the initiative to realization as an architect-show. He founded "Lemniskade project development" in 2009 after winning the Sustainability Tender Amsterdam Buiksloterham with a highly innovative high-energy passive residential building constructed entirely of wood, including the 30-meter high main structure. Since then, several projects have been added to the development portfolio. Since 2008 he is president of the Committee for environmental design and cultural heritage of Utrecht. In 2011 he was appointed chairman of the advisory board of the local architecture institutes and member of the interdisciplinary advisory committee for architecture, design and electronic culture at the Creative Industries Fund. From the beginning of his career in 1995 he combined his studies with academic lectures at numerous Architecture Academies and the Technological Universities of Delft and Eindhoven, where he graduated "Cum Laude" in the field of History and Architecture Theory on a thesis that links the creative strategies of the DADA movement to contemporary architecture of the early twentieth century