Ikon.5 architects

Design Philosophy

We believe that architecture is storytelling using the language of landscape and built form. It tells the story of the values of a particular people or institution in its place and time. Like poetry and prose, architecture relies on metaphor to convey an expression that is lasting and timeless. Our architectural solutions reflect the regional traditions of the areas in which we build and seeks a timeless expression that eloquently tells our client's stories. In this way, our work is a-stylistic, with no preordained aesthetic expression, and inspired by thoughtful, economic and efficient solutions that are meaningful to the public who inhabit and enjoy our buildings.

The diversity of our work results from a consistency of approach and ideation, which when tempered by setting and client needs produces a rich variation of response. We look beyond the boundaries of architecture, often to other art forms, like painting, sculpture, literature, music for inspirations and solutions. Our work is at once situational, inextricably bound to the specifics of place and program, and universal in its broader aspirations to locate itself within the canon of modern architecture.