Certified systems for radiant floors

Underfloor heating is a technology that consists in placing, under the floor and inside the screed, pipes with the passage of hot water able to transfer heat evenly to the environment. The distribution of heat is homogeneous and by irradiation: the whole surface of the floor gives out heat and the distribution of temperature in the room avoids the stratification upwards, advantage that is amplified in high-rise rooms.

In underfloor heating systems the radiant screed is an integral part of the plant; it is therefore of fundamental importance to use products with specific performance, both to maximise the thermal performance of the system and to ensure the safety of the flooring over time. The radiant screeds Paris 2.0 and Paris SLIM are the certified solution that allows to maximize the thermal performance of the underfloor heating system, thanks to the high certified conductivity, low thermal inertia and thickness, ideal also in renovation.