Installation ruregold intrados slab
Installation ruregold intrados slab
Systems of structural reinforcement | Ruregold

Ruregold of Laterlite is a leading company in the field of structural reinforcement and has a deep knowledge of the market of construction reconstruction and infrastructure maintenance, thanks to the significant know-how gained in almost 20 years of experience. Ruregold concentrates its energies in the evolution of new systems for the reinforcement of concrete and masonry structures with composites of excellence, in particular the FRCM range with PBO and carbon mesh and inorganic matrix that, first in the world, has obtained the international validation certification.

The structural reinforcement systems FRCM (Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Matrix) consist of the coupling of a long fiber at high performance and inorganic matrix cementitious stabilized used with the function of adhesive: a step ahead of traditional FRP systems with composite matrix epoxy resins. Two different types of structural fibres, carbon and PBO (polyparafenilenbenzobisoxazole) are used in Ruregold’s FRCM reinforcement systems, both materialists with mechanical properties and performance that can absorb the efforts generated by overloads and exceptional events, such as earthquakes.
The range also includes FRP reinforcement systems with carbon fibre pultruse fabrics and sheets and epoxy matrix consisting of the joining of a long high performance mechanical fibre and a matrix acting as an adhesive between the fibres and the support allowing the transfer of stresses from the structure to the fibre.
The intervention of plating of the masonry, by means of the technique of the reinforced plaster - CRM system - allows the increase of the carrying and seismic capacityresistant to walls thanks to the use of fibreglass nets and specific mortars for the restoration and consolidation of masonry structures that allow to intervene especially in the case of walls are severely damaged or inconsistent, provided that the necessary transverse connections are in place and are well anchored to the reinforcements on both sides of the masonry.
The range is completed with products and solutions for the restoration and preparation of the concrete and masonry support for subsequent structural reinforcement interventions, Fiber-reinforced HPFRC micro-extruders reinforced with steel and synthetic fibres for structural reinforcement of pillars, beams, beam-pillar knots and reinforcement hoods and X Plaster floor coverings.