Locatelli Partners

Via Corridoni, 15 20122 Milan, Italy 366 Broadway #5C New York, NY 10003 Stati Uniti

Massimiliano Locatelli, Davide Agrati, Giovanna Cornelio and Annamaria Scevola studied architecture at Milan Polytechnic. Locatelli received his PhD from Columbia University in New York and Scevola obtained her PhD from Milan Polytechnic. In 1993 Cornelio, Locatelli and Scevola founded the CLS Architetti studio which opened a branch in New York in 1997. In 2018 the Studio changed its name and became Locatelli Partners. The four members head up a team of more than eighty professionals including architects, engineers and designers.

Right from the outset, the studio has worked in every area of design and in the most varied contexts. These include private homes, showrooms, shops and exhibitions, ranging from the construction of new buildings to the restoration of monumental complexes and historic homes and combining a contemporary rationalist style vision with inspiration and respect for tradition. The spirit of the city of Milan, the home of excellence in Italian design, is re-interpreted between beauty and rigour in an all-encompassing approach to thinking about the whole design project which goes from the direct relationship with the client to a dialogue that is constantly alive and unique with spaces and materials all in the ever-present name of art. Particular attention is dedicated to design, made to measure for the spaces conceived to welcome and house it and which has then gone on to generate a number of different product families.