Lombardini 22

Via Lombardini, 22 20143 Milano, MI

Lombardini22 is one of Italy’s leading architecture and engineering groups, active worldwide through six brands: L22, dedicated to architectural design and engineering services; DEGW, a leader in workplace consultancy and interaction between physical space and business performance; FUD Factory, specialised in Physical Branding and Communication Design; CAP DC dedicated to Data Center Building & Refurbishment; Eclettico, specialising in Luxury Interior Design and Atmos, dedicated to the design of sensorial environments through the strategic use of light, color, sound and air


Interior Microsoft House

Interior design in Milan. Open Space and Green Design for Microsoft House

DEGW's interior design for Microsoft House follows the guidelines of the IT company that for years has undertaken a pathway focused on well-being and the reconciliation of the personal and professional needs of its employees.

Airport with colored elevation

Communication Design in Trieste. Alternating colors for the new image of the Airport

The relaunch of Trieste airport continues through collaboration with Lombardini22 and particularly with FUD, a brand dedicated to Physical Branding and Communication Design, which had already designed the entire communication system

Sports club in Milan

Renovation of the Sports Club in Milan. Functional project for an enhanced receptivity

L22 designs the restyling of the 1894 Olona Rowing Club, a landmark in Milan for sport and leisure, supporting the structure in its plan to relaunch and open to the city through a project of cleanliness and transparency

Multi-floor glazed building

Renovation in the heart of Milan. Innovative design and flexible spaces for Torre Sassetti

L22 Urban & Building, Business Unit of the Lombardini22 Group, is in Milan to renovate and requalify Torre Sassetti, by emphasizing its presence in the square and maximizing its height to give a sense of greater verticality

Residential buildings in Milan

Requalification of a historic building in the centre of Milan. Energy performance and comfort for offices

In via Fatebenefratelli 14 in Milan, L22 studio transforms a building from the classic 40s residential architecture into a contemporary office structure, optimizing its energy performance and interior comfort