Margot Krasojević Architecture

Maršala Birjuzova 45 Beograd Serbia

Margot Krasojević Ph.D received a first class honours degree from South Bank University winning a scholarship from the Architectural Association to attain a Diploma in Architectural design, she then went on to complete her studies at The Bartlett U.C.L. receiving a Masters in Architecture and Design and a Ph.D in Architectural theory.

Margot has an architecture design studio in London and Beijing; projects commissioned include a pop-up airport/airstrip hotel in Doha- The Jetway, which is a new building typology featured as part of Virgin Airways Disruptors. A series of projects followed focusing on renewable energy and sustainable architecture, including The Hydroelectric prison in Canada, The Spillway pavilion in Paris, The Hydro-electric Tidal House in Cape Town, The water purifying footbridge in Amsterdam and the Suspended Hotel Campsite in Provence to name a few.

Having lived in Ordos and the Gobi desert for 6 months Margot has been commissioned to design an Buddhist Temple and funeral tower which refers to the traditional Tibetan/Mongolian Sky burial