Martins Afonso atelier de design

Rue des Douves, 33800 Bordeaux, Francia

The workshop created by Mickaël Martins Afonso in 2016 is a reflection on a multidisciplinary career, cradled by visual arts, applied arts, space design and, last but not least, architecture, thus enclosing a journey full of human and intellectual experiences . He worked for several years with Brochet Lajus Pueyo, an architectural firm in Bordeaux, attested by his professional commitment as a project manager. Meanwhile, he continued his research work on photography, design, carpentry, prototyping and art installations, adding a complementary practice to architecture. He nurtured a particular aspect, on scales and details

This spirit of openness is felt today in his practice. The laboratory works on different forms and design scales, such as interior design, furniture creation, which leads to the creation of the object. A new project is designed to reflect on the practices, to release a global thought of the inhabited space, but also to respond more precisely to the specific requests of each customer and therefore be able to create unique places adapted to their needs and desires, to each way of living and actually living architecture

In 2016, Mickaël Martins Afonso won the jury prize at the Festival des Architectures Vives de Montpellier, which led to an invitation to the Taipei public landscape exhibition "Seeing the Unseen", organized by the "Blue Dragon Art Company" in Taiwan, to present its award-winning "Head in the Clouds" project In 2017, the workshop was invited with the SHALUMO collective to produce an architectural installation during the Concentric 3 festival in Logroño, Spain