Massimiliano Pardi Architetto

Via Giosuè Carducci, 166, 57037 Portoferraio LI, Italia

Born in Portoferraio in 1968, Massimiliano Pardi graduated from the Technical Institute for Surveyors "G. Buontalenti ”of Livorno. In 1992, together with other professionals, he founded the "Associated Studio TECNE 2000", which has both public and private clients and collaborations with other Professional Studies for projects of considerable size both technically and economically. He graduated in Architecture in 1996 discussing the Thesis: "La Rada - Urban Redevelopment Program for Portoferraio", and in 1998 he enrolled at the Order of Architects PPC of Livorno, with the number of Register 329. He attended several National Courses of Bioarchitecture ( INBAR) and in 2002 he enrolled at the National Institute of Bioarchitecture with the number 1417, also becoming President of the INBAR Section (National Institute of Bioarchitecture®) of the Province of Livorno and the Tuscan Archipelago. Massimiliano Pardi therefore deals with high profile design, where professional commitment is always supported by an articulated project research program, which ranges from Bioclimatic, to the reduction of electromagnetic pollution and Radon, passing from the recovery of rainwater and wastewater, providing for the reduction of energy consumption with the use of alternative sources, up to covering all disciplines aimed at providing quality and sustainable architecture