Michael Green Architecture

63 E Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1K3, Canada

MGA | Michael Green Architecture is a medium-sized architecture and interior design company founded to pursue community, social and sustainable projects that we are passionate about. Our projects involve their community with elegance and simplicity with a unique purpose - to meet our customers' goals. We see architecture as something more than a building, we see it as an opportunity to tell a story. Each project has a unique history. We hope that each will capture the spirit of the client and the community and improve the wonder of life. A beautiful building does not work unless it also speaks to us of meaning; if it doesn't connect to a story; and if it does not contribute to a positive experience. MGA supports and supports the movement of high wood. Wood is a renewable carbon sequestering product that is grown naturally. Provides a healthy indoor environment for working and living in other building materials that cannot. It is a durable and long lasting material that has exceptional benefits in the life cycle. As a designer, wood offers an evolving medium that is both complex and a new frontier for design. In many respects we are becoming aware that it has disappeared a century ago and revitalizing the next century of building in a more sustainable way. No two pieces of wood can ever be the same. Wood is nature's fingerprints in a building. People are naturally attracted to surround themselves with the feeling and qualities of nature