Michele Slaviero Architetto

Via Luigi Chiminelli, 12, 36100 Vicenza VI, Italia

Over the years, the Firm will focus on the design of a variety of sectors: from urban planning to architecture, from interior design to industrial design. In the field of architecture there were various issues addressed: from the residence in its different types (uni-multi-family), to productive activities (offices, productive buildings in different situations), to projects for public administrations (squares, public buildings, sports areas and recreational). At the same time, the studio is satisfied with its interior-design with regard to interior design and furnishing projects for private homes in corporate spaces: from offices to corporate representation locations (reception, showroom, meeting rooms), to retail. In parallel, but more recently, the studio deals with design projects, in particular for mass production in the furniture, lighting and street furniture sectors. Furthermore, the different methods of intervention that the studio has dealt with have been varied: from restoration to new construction, from restructuring to projects for new larger-scale settlements to detailed drawing of the single element and / or furniture. Particularly interested in the general themes of the eco-sustainability of the interventions and at the same time in the attention and introduction of new technologies, it was, in fact, among the first in the province to use the technique of prefabricated construction in wood (see multi-purpose building in Monteviale _ project start 2001), associated, always with great attention, to the issues of energy containment, of which the Trifamiliare in Caldogno is a large witness: certified even by the Agenzia Casaclima of Bolzano in Oro class (it was the first in Veneto). Seriousness and competence, lively creativity and innovation characterize an activity whose central point is the careful search for the best answer to the objectives of the theme posed by the client. The heterogeneity of experiences demonstrates the aptitude and ability to always tackle any proposed problem at a high level. From the general idea to the study of details and techno-constructive solutions, as well as in the search for finishes and / or the use of color, the search for quality is the search for the stringent need for consistency that alone generates beauty