Via Cavour, 13, 33100 Udine UD, Italia

Tommaso Michieli and Christian Zanatta graduated from the IUAV of Venice founded in 2004 michielizanatta.net - The studio was born dynamically and brought with it this characteristic as a fulcrum element since the choice of the double operational headquarters in Udine and Treviso. michielizanatta.net always aims to investigate architecture while having fun with it; dissect the intrinsic and foundational aspects with the practical will to express contemporary solutions. The study already in its own denomination does not stop at michieli and zanatta alone but continues with a .net (work) just to underline the fact that it aims at an enlarged system. The will is to create a network, aware that this represents the added value to each project. A sympathetic relationship is expressed towards the architectural solutions that turn towards any kind of sustainability, be it social or environmental. michielizanatta.net is able to provide a wide range of complete solutions to different projects, both for public and private clients in Italy and abroad, starting from feasibility studies and concept designs up to the final drawings. This path is planned to integrate the specific skills of the various professionals who follow one another in the design of residential, commercial and public spaces. In these 12 years of activity, michielizanatta.net has acquired skills in residential design for both private and collective homes, focusing in particular on aspects related to the sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings. He has worked in various projects related to the world of retail, working spaces and hospitality. Finally, he acquired a specific competence regarding the design of public space, including the project carried out for the Passiline Shelters of Mestre, the ongoing project for the redevelopment of the New Lungomare Trieste in Lignano Sabbiadoro and the second place project in the competition International for the Redevelopment of the Ex Abattoir of Udine