ONA - Oficina Nómada de Arquitectura

Joaquín V. González 339, M5502GIM Mendoza, Argentina

ONA – Oficina Nomada de Arquitetura offers a new working platform for the creation and production of architectural projects, involving participation and innovation between diverse disciplines and careers. In ONA, we create a new work structure to develop architectural projects, which introduces changes and innovations in the perception of architecture. Inside the ONALAB area, the ideas related to future users are presented through digital projects in virtual and augmented reality, besides the traditional techniques of graphic and digital representation. The use of these techniques as new forms for materializing architectural projects allows the exploring of new strategies and material reaching, in which not only the architect participates and intervene but also the client.

Projects developed by the team arise in different ways. Sometimes, they arise from our initiative due to disciplinary explorations and/or conceptual considerations. Other times, they come along with the projects that come up withing other activities, such as the property developments that aim to understand and attend the series of economic needs and the contemporary dwelling possibilities in a constantly moving and evolving world.