OOIIO Arquitectura

Paseo de San Illan, 47, 28019 Madrid

OOIIO is a team of Designers and Construction Professionals specialized in Singular Architecture based in Madrid. In OOIIO we know that not every construction is architecture. We do Architecture.
In OOIIO we approach projects of all sizes and types: from the design of a chair to a house, a stable, an apartment block, an urban public space…
But always with a clear objective: to get the SINGULARITY in the final result.
We propose fresh and innovative architectural solutions, full of originality and surprise to the different problems that our clients raise.
In OOIIO we flee from boredom and repetition. Our team works with PASSION and full dedication to find that “something” that makes a work special, that excites and transmits feelings.
OOIIO is an architecture studio with great experience and TALENT that has executed many successful projects over the last decade.
While the construction market collapsed due to the international financial crisis, OOIIO grew and settled as one of the most active emerging architecture studios in the countryi.