Via Per Vicopelago, 3129, 55100 Lucca LU, Italia

PIETRO CARLO PELLEGRINI architect is an architectural firm based in Lucca, which operates throughout the country and abroad, providing architectural services mainly in the field of architectural restoration. The studio employs architects, engineers and technical specialists in different sectors and in particular performs diagnostics in ancient and monumental buildings and takes care of the art of restoration of historic gardens. The PIETRO CARLO PELLEGRINI architect's studio was born in 1985 and for Pellegrini "the modernity of the project is independent of a profound sensitivity to the pre-existing" where the construction in the building is recognizable through soft and light interventions that respect the memory of places and enhance the spaces given away from the history of cities to the contemporary. This legacy represents a resource and a stimulus for study and only in this way will it be possible to pass on and not to overlap the history of the old buildings. A way of life where modernity is combined with the old, rediscovering and integrating it with everything that is considered necessary for our domestic environment. The compositional and material design choice finds the true harmony with the details of doors and windows and furnishings, showing respect for the past through contemporary reading. The first project and the construction site later, take on the role of a unique system of dialogue between the architectural design and the verification of the state of the places within the theoretical and constructive process of recovering the existing heritage. Valuing buildings through a different destination than the original function is often necessary to give a new vitality and contemporaneity to the intervention. Working in historical contexts sometimes creates a complicity and a common search to reach the final goal, which must be recognized in the art of good building, between the architect and the workers. Complicity we read in the curiosity to understand how the building was built, in the surprise and enthusiasm that arise when decorations or floors of particular value are found, in showing how one can restore or restore with the help of new techniques what history has given us. PIETRO CARLO PELLEGRINI ARCHITECT Pietro Carlo Pellegrini, was born in Lucca in 1957. He completed his studies in Rome and Pescara, where he graduated in architecture in 1983. He teaches at the faculty of architecture in Genoa, Delft, Naples, Venice, Ferrara and Siena. He is currently Professor of Architectural Restoration, at the Faculty of Architecture - Engineering of Perugia. He is also director of the post-university master “Masp - the public space project” He has received various awards including the Andil Opera Prima Prize, the Dedalo Prize and the first international ECOLA Award European Conference of Leading Architects. He was invited to the Piranesi Prize, received the Honorable Mention of the Milan Triennale of the Gold Medal for Architecture Award. He was invited to the Venice Biennale in 2002 for the Lonely Living exhibition, in 2004 for the IX International Architecture Exhibition, in 2010 for the Archetype / Prototype section of the Italian Pavilion and in 2014 for the Innesti exhibition. Pellegrini's work is published in magazines and books in Italy and abroad and is recognized as one of the most representative architects in the architectural restoration of monumental buildings