Picturesque Art Deco house. Asymmetries and spatial ambiguities inspire architectural harmony

A unique Art Deco house nestled in the urban fabric of Porto, Portugal, is redesigned by fala studio, which seeks to add clarity to a space that has undergone an irregular succession of renovations and expansions

The rooms of the house are open to typological diversity, despite the rigidity of the plan of each level. Blue elements act as a vetic ornamentation of the domestic spaces. The floors are made of three species of wood and form strips of varying widths

The spiral staircase is the unifying element of the house and is equipped with a pre-existing romanticized handrail and a checkerboard on the floor with different tones of marble, generating a cheerful environment

Externally, the house is characterized by the alternation of horizontal stripes of light yellow on the elevation facing the street, and vertical stripes of black and white on the elevation facing the garden

The "striped" style is repeated on both facades, to contrast the heterogeneity of the project. In spite of the small architectural inconsistencies, the project succeeds in finding a new kind of harmony